How about a little bit of command prompt fun today. This is a little something anyone with a command prompt can appreciate. Using ASCII text generation you can watch Star Wars from your command prompt. For those of you who are not yet educated in the ways of the Geeks, the ASCII text generation is simply a careful arrangement of letters and symbols on the screen to create an image. In this case along with captions from various scenes from Star Wars.

Here is a screen shot just for fun.

Star Wars from the command prompt

In my case I am using Tilda in Linux as my command prompt. Set the transparency and take away the title bars and stretch it to fill the screen and you will  have  a set up to look as if it is integrated with your desktop. Of course, that is another adventure and is not required to view this ASCII version of Star Wars.

Finally here is the command that you will need to put in your command prompt:


You will also need an internet connection.