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Here are some things that have worked for me with creating a live Linux USB stick in Linux. I have also been able to remove the U3 Launchpad from my usb stick using these tools.

If your USB stick is already properly partitioned then you can simply give usb-creator-gtk a try.

If that works then you are all done. For those of us who are not so fortunate, we will need to format and create a fresh partition in order to setup a bootable Live Linux USB stick.

fdisk can come in handy for formatting your usb stick


sudo fdisk /dev/sdb (make sure you have the correct path to your usb stick you
don't want to end up formatting your hard drive)

Once you have opened fdisk and used the /dev/ command to point it to your 
usb drive you will need to press the letter d and press enter

Next you will need to press the number 1 for the partition number and enter.

Press N for new partition and hit enter.

Press W to write the partition and hit enter.

That should do the trick however in some cases I have used Gparted to 
delete and create new partitions on the usb drive.

Someone definitely has more time on their hands then I do. But clever nonetheless are some hacked versions of the Star Wars sound clip that Darth Vader is known by. The imperial death march.

You can now hear this music played by the sounds of floppy players, scanners and other electronics in all of its glory.

Here is the link to a page that has a compilation of these hacks.