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In addition to using Nero to create UDF DVD video in Linux, with the help of the Linux community and the discovery of a little program called DVDFab hd decryptor, I have learned another technique for creating DVD video disk that will play on standalone dvd players. This technique involved creating an iso file from your VIDEO_TS folder. After that you can simply open the file you created with k3b and burn to dvd.

For me the first step was to install DVDFab hd decryptor. Unfortunately this is a windows program but it is available for free and it works with wine.

Here is a link to DVDFab

Once DVDFab is installed, open it up and click on the blue folder next to Source. Select your VIDEO_TS folder.

Then after that, click on the icon with the little disk next to target to select the location and the name of the iso file.

Then simply click on start to create the iso file. As mentioned previously you can open the new iso file with k3b and burn it to dvd to create a dvd video in Linux which should play on most standalone dvd players. I stress most since there does seem to be a lot of inconsistency with dvd players.

There are other programs in Linux which some have successfully used to create dvd video iso files. Unfortunately none of them have worked for me.Whether it is a problem with the programs I have tried such as DeVeDe, k3b and from the command line growisofs or whether the real problem exists between the keyboard and chair, I am not sure as I am rather new to doing this in Linux. This is simply my experience as to what has worked for me in Linux. I hope if you are having difficulty with this task that this information will be helpful to you as well.

The good news is that with this technique I was able to create the DVD in k3b instead of having to use Nero. Now I just need to find a way to create an iso file that will work properly. So far the iso files that I have created in other give errors when I try to play the disk in my dvd player. Some of them would play on one dvd player but not the other.

If anyone has any tips or tricks that they would like to share for creating DVD video iso files in Linux, feel free to leave a comment.



I recently embarked on the journey of attempting to burn a DVD video disk in Linux that would play on standalone players. Armed with my VIDEO_TSĀ  files lots of caffeine and sugar and some time to burn, I tried K3b and a few other Linux programs. Resulting in many hours of failed attempts. I decided to try out Nero for Linux. A fully functional trial version of Nero for Linux is available for free. I was able to successfully burn a dvd that would play in most standalone players using the DVD-ROM (UDF) option. The next step is to click on the udf tab and click on file system version and set to 1.02 and set the udf partition type to physical partition. Then click on the Multisession tab and set to no multisession.

The full version of Nero for Linux is available for only 19.99. At least it saves me from running late on this project. Now that the project is finished I still have some time left on my free trial.

Still, I hate to spend money if it isn’t necessary, so I was wondering if anyone has any tricks for successfully burning dvd videos in Linux that will play on standalone dvd players.