Construct 2 from Scirra is a game design program that enables you to create html5 games without having to code the software. You can create games through the programs graphical interface without any programming knowledge required. Since the games are in html5 format they are compatible with Linux, Windows and even Apple.

However Construct 2 is a Windows program. I have noticed some postings by individuals who had attempted to use Construct 2 with Wine and could not get it to work. Maybe they were using an older version of wine. In my case I was able to get Construct 2 setup in Linux using the latest version of  Wine and by tweaking the settings just a little bit.

Get the latest version of Wine

If you are able to get it working with an older wine install, then good for you. If not then you may want to follow this link to get information on installing the latest version of wine. Here is a link to get you started with setting up Wine 1.3  in Ubuntu.

After installing Construct 2 you will find that the Menu’s are black, like in this screen shot.

To fix this problem you will need to go into Configure Wine click on the graphics tab and set it to emulate virtual desktop.

Here are some screen shots to guide you through this process.

After clicking on apply and restarting the program I had a functioning version of Construct 2.